We provide the following New Product Development (NPD) services:

•Project Management services from concept to prototyping and full commercialization
Our design team is committed to providing a full turnkey solution for product development needs. From the very beginning our clients will work with a highly responsive project team dedicated to communications and customer care. We will make sure that the development project is coordinated in the most efficient and seamless manner. Having a one source, one solution global design and manufacturing partner reduces costs and design & manufacturing problems and improves on-time delivery.

•Complete design and drafting services in two of the main design platforms namely Solidworks or AutoCAD
We capitalize on the latest in Computer Aided Design, (CAD) Technology. All designs are developed in Solidworks parametric solid modeling software. Using the state of the art design software our design engineers work with our client’s concepts or product modifications and produce 2D and 3D computer models. Mastery of these tools grants our product designers the ability to create a Virtual Prototype of the Machine or Product. Whether Rapid prototyping or complex machining, the final design databases are fit for the task.

•Manufacturing and prototyping of components
From simple mock-ups to proof-of-principle models to working prototypes, our modeling services give shape to your ideas. We have a complete CNC machine shop for manufacturing components, molds, tooling and dies. With our CNC capability, functional prototypes can be supplied through various stages of the development process to allow the customer to approve design work and the final product.

•Local and offshore outsourcing of pre-assembled components and component assembly services.
Or design team is accustomed to working with manufacturers in the U.S. and overseas, and can work closely with the component manufacturers to ensure a smooth product launch. This includes getting quotes, design reviews, locating and managing manufacturing resources, managing the quality of their work being provided to our clients, shipping to the U.S, customs clearance, warehousing until needed, and just-in-time delivery based on our client’s order releases.

•In addition to product design, we can also assist you with system design and automation.